Senior Citizens and No Exam Life Insurance ? Is It a Smart Investment For Them?

Being over a certain age will make difficult obtaining life insurance. Therefore, you must constantly search for insurance opportunities, until you find a company willing to accept your application papers.  Even so, nothing guarantees that it will accept you.

senior-life-insuranceCompanies ask for many medical exams before they are willing to sign the contract.  Exam results may show problems that you did not know, thus preventing you from getting any form of life insurance.

If you want to have more chances, search for companies providing no exam life insurance. This is a smart investment for senior citizens and you can even get the best term life insurance.

People of old age are not preferred by insurance companies, and many insurers have a strict policy that excludes negotiations with seniors. But do not be discouraged, there are no exam policies fitted for your age.

Plus these policies do not ask for exams, thus putting you in embarrassing situations when you have to explain all your problems.  No exam life insurance is fast to process. You will not have to wait for several days or weeks for an answer. In maximum a day or two the insurer will contact and will communicate its decision. Usually, you will get a positive answer, unless you are in a terminal phase of an incurable disease.

No exam insurances present the same advantages as the regular policies. You will still be able to add a final expense component or to renew the contract, in case that you opt for a term life insurance.

The only drawback is the price that can be a bit higher. But you must understand that companies are taking a risk by providing insurance where other companies refused.  There are also some subcategories of no exam life insurance: simplified issue life insurance and guaranteed issue life insurance. You should do a little research before negotiating.

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