Is No Medical Exam Life Insurance Reliable?

No medical exam life insurance is intensely contested by numerous supporters of standard policies. What they fail to understand is that this policy is not a replacement of any standard life insurance policy, but it is the only option remaining when standard insurance is not available.

OLDER-COUPLE-LOOKING-AT-InsuranceSo, you support the traditional life insurance only if you qualify for it. If you do not, you may want to check what other options are available. And without surprise you will notice that there is only one option: no exam life insurance.

This policy is reliable because it gets you the protection you need.  If you do not want to apply for no exam life insurance, you will either spend your time visiting numerous carriers or you will try to talk and convince the agencies you applied before that you are a credible and trustworthy potential client.

In all cases the results is the same: zero tolerance.  This is the key phrase for standard insurers that have strict rules and politics towards different categories of persons that are deemed “too risky to insure”.  No exam life insurance is more flexible and provides the tolerance you need in order to be accepted.

Of course, there are cases that are excluded, like having a terminal disease or being extremely old.  Otherwise, the policy has the same principle and offers the same benefits to the designated inheritors. In most cases it is used as an inheritance which provides finances for surviving the death of the beloved insured.

Underwriting is faster and it is simpler. However, the premiums are higher. So, check first the prices, calculate your budget and determine how much you can afford to spend in order to keep a policy active.

Use online quotes for no exam policies. You will get relevant results and know what to expect from a no medical exam life insurance provider.

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