How to Find Life Insurance for Former Cancer Patients

Millions of people lose the battle with cancer in each year. But there are few lucky survivors and medicine is continuously struggling to find new cures and treatments.   Even if your cancer was successfully treated, the problems do not stop here.

Cancer_patient3Shopping for life insurance will be more difficult than you thought and, in most of the cases, your only available option will be no medical exam life insurance.  Even so, you must know where to look and whom to ask for help. This article will tell you more about how to find life insurance for former cancer patients.

You can get life insurance only in remission.  The chances of cancer to reappear differ for each type. For example, for colon cancer, there are known cases when cancer appears after 2 years since it was successfully treated.  The type of cancer you had and how it was treated are the main factors that will influence your approval chances and the cost of life insurance.

Generally, companies that sell no exam life insurance are able to provide coverage for former cancer patients.  They do not provide coverage for those that are cancer patients. It is a big difference. In most cases, you can get a 10 or 20 years simplified issue term life insurance, but if you afford it, you can sign in for more coverage.

Typical amounts of coverage range between $100.000 and $300.000. Understand that term life insurance is not regarded as the best insurance solution, but the only option for life insurance. Expect to pay high premiums and have some limitations.

Although medical exam are not compulsory, some insurers will want to know more about you and your type of cancer. So, expect to be questioned. We strongly recommend you to compare prices for no exam life insurance policies.

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