5 Reasons to Purchase Life Insurance Without Medical Exams

If no medical exam is your only option for life insurance, you should not feel disappointed. We present you a list with 5 reasons to purchase life insurance without medical exams.

1)     It provides coverage for old people. Being over 50 years old makes financial insurancel-advisorit really difficult to find standard policies for which you are eligible. In most cases, you will be politely rejected by insurance representatives.

Your age represents a risk and it is associated with countless diseases.  After the age of 50 years, Alzheimer, Parkinson, osteoporosis, rheumatism and other diseases and syndromes occur frequently. It is normal for a company to avoid the risk. Still, no exam life insurance sellers are willing to provide coverage, but this will cost you more.

2)     It provides coverage for sick people. It is the same principle that is available for senior citizens. Companies that sell no exam life insurance will take the risk, but they will charge extra. Furthermore, not all cases qualify.

If you have a terminal disease and you are expected to live less than one year, you will not get coverage.  Also, if you have cancer of HIV/AIDS, you will be disqualified. Each company has a list with specific diseases that tend to avoid. When you contact and insurer, ask for that list.

3)     It is processed really fast.  Since medical exams are no longer a part of the underwriting process, things will get really fast and you will get an answer in the same day. Sure, the underwriting process varies, but in generally it is very fast.

Some companies want to examine more thoroughly your case and require more documents and medical records. Nevertheless, this policy has the fastest underwriting process.

4)     It offers a huge variety of options.  Companies that sell no exam policies offer term and permanent protection, plus final expense insurance, which can be bought as a standalone policy or as an attached rider.  You will get the same options, plus more plans, depending on your medical condition.

5)     It is affordable. Although no medical exam life insurance is more expensive than its other counterparts, you can still find affordable deals.  If you stick to the basic options and sign in for a moderate amount of coverage, you will get reasonable prices.

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